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Whatever the else is said from the him as well as how he becomes their carnal kicks, he enjoys his babies

Whatever the else is said from the him as well as how he becomes their carnal kicks, he enjoys his babies

If the all Orgs on earth made 10,000 Clears per week each, they might not even maintain the growth of population.

Perhaps Miscavige is to get nine% of your own planet’s populace, cart them out over volcanoes and strike him or her with H-Bombs. Then could have a window of opportunity for cleaning the little rest together with his better orgs.

Mike – awesome occupations for the panel. Your looked very nice and thus performed others. Paul Haggis are high as well.

Scientology became disseminating the movie and you can performing an excellent work thereon – delight, David MIscavige, create remain!! VWD Sir!! (LOL)

When the there were eg your state as “Clear” – Hubbard’s very own technology would Houston singles not create that Clear into the Scientology less than all of that inhibition, invalidation and you can nullification.

I simply like that HB fricken O has been doing which documentary additionally the Scientology Cult attracted brand new skill from Alex Gibney

Just what it setting is the fact 34 some one in the end know it were mocking upwards their own activated brains but can stop they and you will handle it.

It is a far cry from “removing your own reactive attention” because the $dated and you will promised on fraudulent says regarding exactly what a definite perform sooner or later enter Scientology.

I would say that Tony is right inside the investigations you to definitely this new cherch’s Advertising may be out of the purpose of no-go back

Hubbard changed this is several times to help make confusion into topic as he hypnotized you towards thinking in the “a bridge so you’re able to full religious versatility”. This is certainly all reported.

The new Committee talk are extreme fun. It is good to see you all therefore informal, claiming what you need state and having a great time. Many thanks into the good work Mike

Fascinating to notice that c/s claims birth class consists of numerous auditors instructed at Banner. My imagine is the fact as group originated from Banner, that includes the auditors – numerous. In my experience numerous was three to four – only 5. Although it have been 5 and so they spent some time working them to death – fifty days on the sofa each week – one to 1200 manage feature regarding the 250 instances plus objectives and you may purif days. 50% of time invested on the spa matters toward the newest WDAH – well written auditing occasions.

Mike – all of you was basically very big to your Ny Moments panel. We very carefully liked everything. The moderator try best and class presented well together with her.

The very last question from the Freedom Mag copywriter is actually the best set-upwards to have Larry Wright. His address sealed you to definitely son down a hundred%.

Every kool-aid drinkers you to definitely believe DM is indeed practical getting fixing every of the semi-colons from the very first books, continuously re-doing the newest technical and you will hosing him or her off to possess most readily useful orgs and IAS, should probably glance at what an excellent moron they are in the wonderful world of social Public relations.

We agree Sheldon. I do believe any social $cientologist is going to face a column throughout the sand. Subscribe team to get from public analysis or leave the new cult. Certainly the pressure into John, Tom and Kirsty is just about to seriously wratchet upwards. My choice is that John tend to crack the new bend first, up coming Kirsty on account of John and then Tom …..perhaps. He could keeps an excessive amount of in accordance together with his Ecclesiasticalness in order to separate aside.

The situation having JT going earliest is KP. She is the top Kool-Aid drinker about family members, whenever JT breaks, she will disconnect. They are as frequently out-of a hold on tight him because what exactly is in the their Desktop computer folders.

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